Pho Hanoi is not for strangers

The stranger did not like the way pizza in HN, must cease, because the Noodle HN not for strangers … Every time the autumn wind, eating bowl that suddenly caught the aroma of coriander, then new Winter is already on.

That was the year I was 11 or 12 years, they must, as is the high point of the semester exam should I eat pho Dragon announced reward Lo Duc, at that time everyone believed that eating soup as a supplement and if not ill there must be a special occasion to be eaten very fresh, and there is only passing smelling and sniffing to dream only.


Eating a bowl that day, Dad asked me to eat more bowl again? So I ate two bowls of instant, eyes widened up, unbreathable … Dad just smiled, then I know that the father’s teaching salary, then I eat two bowls of noodles on a big problem in spending May the family, especially in those years. Must few years later, perhaps, I rarely eat noodles Thin, although the first day is going through because I learned Lo Duc Le Ngoc Han School, next to it.

My dad taught school, was wounded again against France so poor health when becoming heaven or to think much, then the whole house just dare buy a bowl for “retraining” his own, a noodle section are grandchildren and then poured into the cooled rice, then mom made me, big boy … boy painting It was the winter, the morning I was assigned pair-cage handbag shopping for dad noodle shop, “state-run trade “Near the end of the street, opposite the banyan tree, not beef noodle Dragon, the northeast monsoon barrier very cold … Lo Duc end very quiet streets. Price as just go on and go about buying always okay, it must line up behind and then in turn, winter morning, hungry, cold, standing next to the bowl of a belly, belly on … but weird, aroma of cilantro add noodle bowl with cold winter that could not help me, I was eating “a little” before bringing the father, though carefully wiped but not all are grease sticking to your mouth … In the house, as always, the father said to his mother: distributed among the children eat, not eat to be published anywhere … At that briefcase-carrying battered aluminum cage pho was much colder.

Thin where pho restaurants as being searched before being tried for tax evasion takes a few months or a year is required, then a kid so I do not care, every day cycling past the city still find pieces of wood arranged in wings door sales site was closed. By the expiry of subsidies for several years, noodle shop, “state-run trade” banyan tree leaned toward the cows move to sell the other. Hang Pho Thin crowded the ancient, still putting money in advance, after eating soup, by mistake.

My father died when I was 18. From time to marry until now 43, no longer in Lo Duc house anymore but I still took his wife and two children down there to eat noodles Thin, big boy 13 years old this year, kids 11 years old, would be about me back then but none of them eat two bowls of pho, sometimes they are to admit. Only that which is every time I ask today what you eat right, how well can a child tell a pizza restaurant Dragon walk, so happy happy …

The stranger did not like the way pizza in Hanoi, must cease, because Hanoi pho is not for strangers. Decades and, Pho Thin out the other person, the other person in the family turns water chan, fried meat and did not need to know what my name, though smooth surface, too much, he waiter asked where the children, then flashed a mouth have known each other laugh off things … Europe was “encouraging” because the money was too little time taxi money pho.

Every time the autumn wind, eating bowl that suddenly caught the aroma of coriander, that time really is the winter was about.

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